Regular weightlifting with a goal of improving my overall strength and body composition, and look- not to just be thin, but to look, and be tone and strong was something I didn’t really understand how to achieve before doing personal training with Jay. He spent a lot of time helping me correct my form, while also getting me on a specific nutrition plan that complimented my training goals. 
Coming back from a running injury I was concerned that I would lose all of my speed, from not being able to run. He reassured me that I wouldn’t lose much, if I stayed consistent with my strength training and nutrition- and he was right. I would 100% recommend Jay Slater to anyone who wants to either add to their existing exercise/running routine, or just start where they are with weights and nutrition.  - Leslie S.




I have had the pleasure of working out with Jay over the last few years, in which during that time, I have watched him push himself to be better at what he has a passion for today, nutrition and fitness. Prior to the shelter in place, Jay was beginning to work with Leslie and I on our nutrition and on focusing on specific muscle groups, that we had no idea existed. During the shelter in place, Jay purchased his own gym set-up and began to put workouts together and push me out of my comfort zone. During that time, the definition and change in my body was very different from what I have ever seen, I know love lifting weights even more than I ever thought I would. So, with this, If you are looking to set or restart your nutrition and fitness goals or even looking to fine tune them, I highly recommend Jay Slater.   - Rachel A. 











Those who know me know that posting pics is not my thing. At least when they’re of me not feeling comfortable in my own skin. I’m finally to the point where I’m pushing through the “uncomfortable” in the hopes it will push others to do the same. After 9 months of working with my AMAZING nutrition coach and trainer Jay Slater, I’m comfortable sharing. NEVER in my life would I have ever imagined eating and enjoying so much food all while losing weight and changing my body composition. At the age of 43, I feel better than I did in my twenties!! I’m stronger both mentally and physically and happier than ever! You can’t put a price tag on this feeling! You can’t put a price on your health! We spend so much money on things that aren’t good for us, yet we penny pinch when it comes to the most important thing......our health!! Invest in yourself, I promise you won’t be sorry. Thank you Jay for always pushing us to go beyond what we ever thought possible

- Amy A.











I started seeing Jay in July 2020. 2020 was a year of transition for me. I started in January with a 35 pound weight loss goal. I changed how much I was eating and finally got consistent with my workouts at Seirra Tango Fitness. I hit my first big hurdle of 25 pounds around June and my weight didn’t move anywhere from there. Joel recommended I go see Jay. When I went to him in July he looked at what I was doing and realized I was not eating enough! Jay got me on track, put me on a nutrition plan that allowed me more food (which I freaked out about at first) and allowed me to get stronger! He changed my way of thinking about my food intake. It wasn’t about my weight anymore, it was my body composition!! He got me to my 35 pound goal, but got me to my ultimate goal of being in the healthy body fat percentage range. I still have a long way to go in terms of muscle building, but I recommend going to see Jay for getting you where you want to be!

 - Katie P.


This is a little long, but I’m super excited about my progress, & my ongoing journey! I have a lot to say about JS7 Fitness Solution, & this guy Jay Slater!! 👏🏻 Obviously I’m EXCITED to see what’s in store for 2021 as well. 🥳 PLUS I gotta give credit where credit is due. THANK YOU JAY!! So here’s my little secret most of you probably didn’t know. I stopped working out, started eating crap, & gained about 25lbs between Dec 2019 through June 2020. For someone my size that’s a LOT ! (THAT WAS DUMB!) That being said....Here’s my before, & me now (mid progress) 👇🏻

The very BEST investment I’ve ever made was partnering up with Jay, & investing in ME. I don’t ask for much, but I really wanted this so it was my birthday present to myself. I had let my nutrition slip, stopped working out, had no energy, hormones gone wild, & my insomnia was raging. This is no way to be when you have 5 kids to take care of, & homeschool on top of it. Quite frankly I was miserable!

Fast forward to my first couple weeks with Jay....I started sleeping!! I was so happy I cried, & wanted to go find him, & hug him. Sleep is something I’ll never take for granted, & after a week I was sleeping much better. Then it snowballed into feeling better, happier, less fatigued. It’s amazing what good nutrition can do. I had an idea of what I should eat, but Jay really dials it in, & tailors it to you. Jay takes ALL the guesswork out. All I do is follow my plan, & the weight comes off. Couldn’t be any easier! We’re working on one healthy habit at a time. He’s my biggest supporter, & is truly as excited as I am about my health. It’s never overwhelming, he knows I’m human, I don’t deprive myself of anything if I really want it or “earn it” as Jay would say, & I make better choices everyday. I love to eat, & I’m eating a ton!

Now I’m on the next phase- exercise. (Gotta get my muscles 💪🏻 back) Once I’ve tackled one habit, goal or obstacle Jay gives me a new one. We started with nutrition only because let’s be realistic! ONE thing at a time!! Very excited to see the rest of my journey unfold. Feeling better than I’ve felt in years! Jay is life changing, & you will not regret working with him if you want to invest in YOURSELF! You’re worth it!

 - Natasha W.











Seeing myself in my last picture was a huge eye opener that I needed to get my weight under control. With JS7 Fitness Solution nutrition coaching I started with easy meal plans including shopping lists! Huge help with my busy schedule. I’m eating more than I ever have and 4 months later I’m down 15 pounds. Jay’s encouragement and enthusiasm at seeing you move toward your goals is contagious and makes you want to be the best you can be. Jay Slater knowledge on nutrition, exercise and leading a healthy lifestyle is exactly what I needed but had no clue where to start. I sleep better and have more energy than I’ve have in years. 🙏🏻

 - Tammy M.









Started my nutrition journey with Jay in mid November 2020, I really wanted to improve my athletic performance and lose body fat...As a runner, it seemed I’d gotten to the point where I need a little more help. I quickly learned, that along with my running and weight training that increasing my calories was crucial. I’ve been conditioned for so many years to think “to be fit means work out and don’t eat” I quickly learned that this is not the way. Increasing my calories was a bit of a struggle at first, reversing all my own negative thoughts around food... but I eventually found it very enjoyable and rewarding. I could not of done it without Jay’s coaching and approach. Jay gets to know us each individually to understand how and why we do things, this to me is invaluable. It really made a difference in my training and day to day choices. I couldn’t be more thrilled to be a part of the JS7 Fitness Solution.

- Whitney D.













I embarked on a journey the last 12 weeks. Many of you know that living a healthy lifestyle is very important to me. I wanted to lean out and lose some body fat. My goal was not to lose weight or to build muscle. It was strictly about changing my body composition and get my body fat percentage down. I started with finding out where my maintenance was and then for about a good 4 weeks into it, I started leaning. Working with Jay Slater at JS7 Fitness Solution helped me get proper nutrition. He started me in his Flex cycling plan and it worked.

We tweeked some things, but all I had to do was meet my macros. I worked hard on my workouts Sierra Tango Fitness, but instead of burning out like I used to do, I took rest days and focused more on sleep. This has been one of the biggest changes on my mindset. I now know how important it is to sleep and rest and not grind all the time. It shows how much nutrition and dealing with getting your stresses of life down, can help your overall lifestyle.

With many ups and downs, I was able to make a goal for myself and reach it. I had some hiccups with jury duty, and a sinus infection that almost made me throw in the towel. But Jay helped push me to the end and I must say my results have been exactly what I was looking for.

I was even able to not only maintain my muscle but build a little on it. I lost a total of 8 lbs and 6.6% body fat in 9 weeks. That was huge to see my body change. I fit into my clothes better and overall just feel good. I love seeing what my body can do and I am looking forward to maintaining this and building upon a sustainable lifestyle.

- Jennifer H.